Opinion: Planned Parenthood Kills More Babies Than Guns Do

Lynda Bell

I read with incredulity the article from guest columnist Jack Romberg on comparing the NRA with Planned Parenthood. Then when I read he is a rabbi, I was deeply saddened.

In the first place, it is an inappropriate comparison, as the NRA doesn’t take the lives of innocent babies for money.

In typical fashion, Romberg used many of Planned Parenthood's talking points. He states Planned Parenthood isn’t primarily about abortion. That is patently false.

Sadly, the lives of 17 precious school students were taken by a madman who provided ample warnings to his future actions. While that is tragic, Planned Parenthood kills 17 precious innocent babies every 30 minutes of every day! They are in the abortion business, plain and simple. They try to use a disproven statistic that only a small percentage of their services are for abortion, and that has even been rebuffed by the liberal media.

If you enter a clinic for a service or an abortion, they count everything they do as a separate service. They literally they could cite multiple services for one visit. Every year in this country, abortion accounts for 25 percent of all deaths while guns are 1.5 percent.

To add insult to injury Planned Parenthood gets over a half a billion of your tax dollars per year, the NRA gets zero. PP claims to only use the tax dollars for services, but this money clearly frees up hundreds of millions for campaigning and building their brand.

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