Victim To Drunk Driver Who Killed Her Husband, Unborn Child: ‘You’re A Monster’

A 22-year-old Texas woman who drove drunk and slammed into a car, killing a man and his unborn child, has been sentenced to at least seven years in prison. On Friday afternoon, just before 2pm, the judge read the jury’s decision.

The jury sentenced Shana Elliott to 10 years probation for one count of intoxication assault, seven years in prison for one count of intoxication manslaughter, and another seven years in prison for a second count of intoxication manslaughter. The judge will decide whether the two prison sentences will be served concurrently or consecutively.

As the judge read the verdict, Elliott could be seen crying. After the sentencing, Kristian Guerrero gave an emotional victim impact statement addressing Elliott: “Don’t cry. Don’t cry.”

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