Father Blasts Doctors Trying To Take Son Off Life Support Against His Wishes: “How Can You Say He Has No Life?”

Dave Andrusko

You wouldn’t think—or at least I didn’t think—testimony in the case of grievously ill Alfie Evans could get any more emotional, any more heartrending. But today’s seventh and final day in a hearing to decide the fate of Tom Evans’ and Kate James’ 20-month-old son before Justice Hayden, characterized by tears, passion, and incredible eloquence, proved me wrong.

Liverpool Echo reporter Tom Belger’s almost minute-by-minute updates truly gives the reader a sense of being in the courtroom.

Mr. Evans and his partner are trying desperately to persuade Justice Hayden that they should be allowed to take Alfie to hospitals first in Rome and perhaps to Germany. The Alder Hey hospital staff, its attorney, and the woman appointed to represent Alfie’s “best interests” (who cannot be identified for legal reasons)—his “Child’s Guardian”—believe Alfie is terminal and unresponsive and that it serves no purpose to maintain him on the ventilator he has been on since May, let alone take him overseas.

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