Keep Your Chocolate This Lent. Give Up Your Heart.

Sean Mitchell

“What are you giving up for Lent?” We are often asked this question by fellow Catholics as the Lenten season approaches. In response, many of us are tempted to hang our heads in shame, as we experience a rush of “Catholic guilt” come over us. “Oh no!”, we think, “Lent is less than a week out and I haven’t decided what to fast from yet! Ugh…At this rate, I’ll never make it through Lent.” To make matters worse, we are quite certain that our holy friend who asked us this uncomfortable question, has already purchased his Exodus 90 kit!

(That, brothers, was a shameless plug for Exodus 90… Because it’s that good.)

But, that “guilt” about not knowing what you’re giving up points to a fundamental misunderstanding of how the Lenten season is supposed to be lived. We tend to think of Lent as a season that is all about “giving up.” In a way, this is true. But if you think cutting nutty bars out of your diet sums up the whole of Lent, you are seriously mistaken. Fasting or abstinence is not the most important part of Lent. Prayer is.

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