More Than 1 Million Babies Have Already Been Killed In Abortions Worldwide This Year

Micaiah Bilger

A new website is keeping count of every unborn baby’s life lost to abortion this year, allowing people to watch the deadly impact of abortion on the world.

As of Wednesday morning, the Worldometer abortion counter reported more than 1.08 million unborn babies died in abortions so far this year. People can watch in real time as the total grows.

The website bases its numbers on statistics from the World Health Organization, which estimates between 40 million and 50 million abortions world-wide every year, according to Breitbart. Some estimate the number to be much lower, but no one knows exactly how many babies are aborted each year across the world.

Abortion statistics in the United States, though limited, are reliable.
Approximately 3,000 unborn babies are aborted every day in America and close to 1 million every year. Abortion numbers and rates have been declining steadily in the U.S., but abortion remains the No. 1 cause of death in our country, especially in the black community, according to the report.

Internationally, China and India have some of the highest abortion numbers in the world. From stories out of the two countries, it is evident that abortion often is an abuse against women as well as unborn children. Women frequently are coerced or forced to abort their unborn babies, sometimes just because they are carrying a girl. Mothers who refuse sometimes endure horrific abuses in their attempts to protect their unborn babies.

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