“Weakest Link” Host Anne Robinson Regrets Her Abortion: “I’m Ashamed Of What I’ve Done”

Micaiah Bilger

Anne Robinson is best known as the host of the “Weakest Link” game show in the UK. But this week, Robinson will share a very personal, painful side of her life in the new BBC documentary “Abortion On Trial.”

The Express reports Robinson, 73, aborted her unborn baby when she was 23 years old and newly married. It was an incredibly painful experience that still troubles her today.

“I was ashamed of what I’d done and I felt so depressed,” Robinson said. “I’d be unthinkable for me now.”

Reports do not give details about why Robinson chose to abort her unborn baby, but she described how she forced herself to go through with it.

“… the only way I felt I could go through with an abortion was if I didn’t think about … what I was doing. It was like someone who was shutting their eyes and jumping from a cliff,” Robinson remembered.

Afterward, Robinson said she felt terrified and lonely. Fear and depression quickly set in.

“I came from a Catholic family and I was well aware of what Catholicism thought of abortion and it was a really isolated place,” she said.

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