The Scourge Of HIV, The Internet, And Sex Tourism

Shay Cullen

It was a day of courage and resilience for Isabel, a 14-year-old child, who could not endure the pain and hurt and fear of sexual abuse by her grandfather any longer.

Despite threats against her and her sister, she told a classmate what was happening in the house of their grandfather. The classmate bravely told her mother and that mother knew what she had to do. She had attended a Preda Foundation child abuse preventive and reporting seminar and she sent a text message about the abuse to the Preda hotline.

Immediately, the Preda team was mobilized and went to the rescue of the children. The grandfather was arrested on July 17 and detained. He was arraigned on Aug. 16 at the Regional Trial Court of Olongapo City for the alleged rape of his two granddaughters aged 11 and 14 years old.

It was later discovered, when the children were taken into the care and protection of the Preda home for abused children, that the seven year old youngest girl was also found to have been sexually abused. The horrific multiple rape of the children witnessed by his son led his son to rape them also.

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