5 New Scientific Discoveries That Show What’s Happening To The Child In The Womb

Kristi Burton Brown

Science is constantly advancing, revealing to us what’s been going on behind the scenes in the extraordinary human journey of pregnancy. The details have always been real, but now, with these scientific discoveries, we can actually explain some of life’s earliest realities. And a few of them can even be witnessed with our own eyes, thanks to modern technology.

When we consider the child in the womb, recent scientific discoveries are nothing short of amazing.

1. Life’s flash of fluorescence

Researchers from Northwestern University in Chicago were able to discover that a burst of fluorescence can be seen at the exact moment fertilization occurs for every new human being. This zinc burst was described as a “flash of light,” an “explosion of sparks,” and “fireworks on film.” People across the world were awed by this discovery that highlights the moment a unique human life is created.

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