Pornography, Personhood, And Abundant Life

Ardee Coolidge

“I’ve wasted years of my life looking for a computer or mobile phone to provide something it is not capable of providing.” – Male porn user quoted by Time Magazine

Though the publication of pornographic material dates back to before the Roman Empire, never before has it been so widely used and readily available. Whether it’s photos of scantily clad women, men, and children, or videos of a more sexually violent nature, explicit material is only a click or a swipe away. While Christians have campaigned against pornography and called for tougher legal restrictions for years, they are now joined by a growing number of young men and women who have found their lives damaged and relationships destroyed by porn. As one reads their stories, it becomes evident that pornography usage enslaves, dehumanizes, and robs the user of everything it promises to deliver.
Time Magazine’s recent cover story Porn and the Threat to Virility interviewed young men who represent a growing movement against porn. These men are 18-30 years old, represent every race and demographic, and all grew up as part of a porn-saturated generation. Many of the men interviewed confessed that they believed that porn would have no negative effect on their sexual lives. Some even thought it to be a way to become more virile. Men shared how they spent countless hours watching ever more explicit and even violent sexual videos on the Internet and discovered that, when offered the chance to have sex in person, they were unable to perform.

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