Help! My Daughter Wants To Become A Man

Richard Fitzgibbons

Parents are often stunned when a daughter confides that she is a male trapped in a female's body and has thought this way from early in her childhood.

This article focuses on adolescent females because they constituted the largest group of patients who underwent sexual reassignment surgery in a Boston study. Surgery was performed on 180 youths -- 106 females and 74 males. The majority of the females were from divorced families and the median age when treatment was initiated was nine years of age.

At follow-up, these youth later had a two-fold to three-fold increased risk of psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety disorder, suicidal ideation and suicide attempt compared to a control group (1).

Initial parental response

Upon hearing figures like this parents are often terrified about their child’s future. Many become depressed, can’t sleep, lose weight and feel overwhelmed. At the same time powerful cultural pressures are at work to normalize transsexual attractions in youth in the media, schools, peer relationships and governments.

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