Trafficking Survivors Tell UN: Strengthen Families To Protect Women And Girls

Marianna Orlandi

When tests showed Kurt Kondrich’s unborn daughter Chloe had Down syndrome, the doctors’ only advice was to abort her.

“I’m a police officer, sworn to protect lives,” he said. But the message from medical professionals was, “If you don’t like how your daughter is made up genetically, you can kill her and walk away with no consequences from the hospital.”

Now 13 years old, Chloe has met with the state governor and rock stars, plays baseball and was pictured on a Time Square billboard. Pennsylvania’s “Chloe’s Law,” named after her, requires that when parents receive a prenatal diagnosis, they also be given information on services available to support the child and family.

Other mothers should not be treated as callously as his wife, Kurt said. “They told us our daughter would be a burden. But they never told us how happy we would be raising our beautiful girl.”

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