Miss North Dakota Says Pro-Life Is Not Anti-Woman: “We Support Unborn Women Who Can’t Speak For Themselves”

Micaiah Bilger

Macy Christianson is using her title of Miss North Dakota to defend the lives of babies in the womb.

Christianson represented her state in the Miss America pageant in 2016; and on Wednesday, she spoke to the North Dakota Senate, North Dakota Inform reports.

While she spoke primarily about her advocacy work to preventing drunk driving, Christianson also talked about her pro-life stance, and thanked state lawmakers for working to protect unborn babies from abortion.

“I have immense respect for our state for having taken a stand for what I believe is right in regard to abortion,” Christianson told the senators. “I have had people tell me that North Dakota is against women and our rights. I have to disagree, because not only do we support our women but we support our women who are unborn and can’t speak for themselves.”

“Just that I can stand here and have a voice makes me grateful,” she added.

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