Pregnancy Centers Are Changing Lives. The Latest Report Shows It!

Jor-El Godsey

Dear Jerry,

This week, our friends at the Charlotte Lozier Institute released its latest Pregnancy Center Services Report which shares the life-saving work of the pregnancy help movement.

Pregnancy help centers work every day to empower moms and families to choose life. The significance of offering this hope for life nearly 2 million individual times each year cannot be overstated.

Key findings from the latest Pregnancy Center Services Report:

2,700 pro-life pregnancy centers nationwide served almost two million people in 2019, at an estimated value of nearly $270 million.

Vital services typically provided by the pregnancy help movement at virtually no charge:

*Almost 732,000 pregnancy tests
*More than 486,000 free ultrasounds
*160,200 STI/STD tests
*Nearly 1.3 million packs of diapers
*More than two million baby outfits
*More than 291,000 clients attended parenting and prenatal education programs
*More than 21,000 clients received after-abortion support
*More than 881,000 students attended sexual risk avoidance education presentations

Percentage of pregnancy help centers offering the following services:

*Material items, like diapers, formula, maternity clothes – 94%
*Parenting/prenatal education to strengthen families – 86%
*Ultrasound services so that moms can see their little ones and hear their heartbeats – 79%
*After-abortion recovery to help those heal from their abortion decision – 72%

The report also highlights the various ways pregnancy centers serve women in more unique aspects such as providing abortion pill reversal protocol to women who immediately regret their abortion choice and also in identifying and assisting victims of human trafficking. The pregnancy help movement has constantly adapted to the needs of the culture and these newer services truly illustrate the love and empowerment that pregnancy centers offer.

You can learn more and download a copy of the report hat link below.

The pregnancy help movement is great for America and clearly making an impact on the millions of lives it serves each year.

Thank you for all you do to champion life!

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