Cancel Culture Comes For Planned Parenthood

Brian Fisher

Dear Jerome,

Out of a world that is consumed by social media trends, likes, and re-tweets, a new phenomenon has taken root in recent years, particularly fueled by the left, known as the “cancel culture.”

Following the death of George Floyd in May and the protests that came after, the cancel culture came out in full force, denouncing anything or anyone that did not unequivocally support or reflect the ideals of the Black Lives Matter movement. Social media spiraled out of control, with people demanding that statues and paintings of controversial historical figures come down, school traditions change, and longtime brand names be abandoned.

But now, the cancel culture has come for one of their own: Margaret Sanger, the controversial founder of Planned Parenthood. Despite this, Planned Parenthood itself seems to get a pass from the cancel culture. Why?

Read more in my most recent blog post:

I hope you will join us in holding Planned Parenthood, and the elected officials, corporations, and churches who defend and fund them, accountable.

For Life,

Brian Fisher

P.S. Did you catch my conversation with Reverend Dean Nelson, the executive director of Human Coalition Action, on racism at Planned Parenthood? Watch our discussion here:

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