The Beauty Of Fatherhood

Josef Lipp

Hi Jerry,

As I do this work every day to defend the preborn and empower fathers to choose life, I can’t help but reflect on the moment I found out I was going to be a father...

It was a warm summer night and I was in the backyard barbecuing dinner.

My wife came running outside, beaming with a smile from ear to ear. “You’re never going to believe it: we’re pregnant!”

I had been waiting for this news since getting married six years earlier. I was completely surprised and immediately embraced my wife and placed my hand on her belly.

I was in the presence of a beautiful new life.

The following months brought us so much joy. We tracked the growth of our baby each day. We watched her grow from the size of a poppy seed, to a pear, then a pumpkin.

We studied her growth each week as she developed organs, tiny eyes, fingers and toes. Each time we visited the doctor for an ultrasound we were so giddy and excited we could hardly contain ourselves.

The day she was born was a blur. Labor was quick and my wife was amazing. Our beautiful daughter entered the world in April of 2018.

Holding her, minutes outside of the womb, I was able to recognize her face from the 4-D ultrasound, and I held the small foot in my hand that had kicked my wife in the womb.

My daughter may have just been born, but she had already been in our lives for 9 months. The only difference was that now I got to hold her. Holding my daughter for the first time made everything so clear.

But my heart breaks when I realize that many fathers never got to experience those powerful moments with their newborn, because their child was taken by abortion before he or she was born.

Millions of fathers, millions of lost children.

Friend of life, in a world where men’s voices have been silenced in the name of “women’s rights,” we need more men to speak out about the true brutality of abortion, which always kills one life and forever wounds the other two.

It often takes the witness of only one person for someone to see the devastation of abortion, and see the value and beauty of each new child in the womb.

Together, we are empowering men to see the priceless value of their preborn children, honor and protect the women in their lives, and therefore create a culture that rejects abortion altogether.

Thank you for joining us in this most important work!

For life,

Josef Lipp
Chief Operating Officer
Live Action

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