Infant Mortality Down; Number Of Vaccinations Down

Elizabeth (Betty) Wickham

We thank Bishop Gracida for sending Jon Rappoport's important warning of the true effects of vaccines by looking at what has happened to child deaths during the pandemic.

Also, I do not want you to miss watching this revealing video from a whistle blower nurse who cared for patients in the epicenter of the epicenter-- Elmhurst Hospital in the Bronx, May, 2020. If truth be told, a lot of the COVID deaths were from the new glass-half-empty philosophy of palliative medicine, misuse of ventilators and a desire to inflate the numbers of COVID deaths.

Lots of knots to tie together—- palliative care, the COVID pandemic, Minneapolis, rioting, destruction of our culture and the push for a mandatory COVID vaccine.

Prayers to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Holy Ghost,

Elizabeth (Betty) Wickham, PhD
Executive Director, LifeTree
PO Box 17301
Raleigh,NC, 27619

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