Happy Father's Day

Joe Langfeld

Dear Fr. Jerry ,

A first hug, a first kiss, a first catch, a first dance, a first memory. That’s what dads are for…

Do you have a special memory of your father? One of mine is from when I was four or five years old. We ran an errand to the local drug store. After picking something up from the pharmacy, my dad (a giant in my eyes) asked if I wanted to, “stop for a bite.”

I had no idea what he meant. I even asked, but still didn’t get it.

We walked up to the lunch counter. He lifted me up and placed me on a silver stool with a red leather seat. It was loud and busy. I got a hot-dog, but don’t remember what he had. There we sat, talking and eating amid the hubbub of lunchtime at a drug store diner.

My family didn’t go out much back then. We had a raft of kids. I had never experienced a time like that with my dad. I felt like I was on top of the world sitting on that stool. My Dad. Me. Together. Time with just him. That was something special.

He became an even larger figure in my eyes that day—a true giant.

During times like these, we all need someone to be that steady person who can look us in the eye and teach us right from wrong, about truth and commitment. Dads can teach us how to stand for something good, how to be decent and honest. My Dad taught me those lessons and I strive to live up to his expectations every day.

When you think of your dad today, whether he’s still with you or not, make sure to take a moment and appreciate what you had—even if your relationship wasn’t perfect. Perhaps you can tell a father, maybe even your father, how grateful you are they choose life.

Today, of all days, let’s remember what’s good about people, about our country, and about our families. Let’s remember to be grateful our dads helped give us life.

Happy Father’s Day.

Joe Langfeld
Human Life Alliance

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