Fr. Jerry, 3500+ Babies Saved!

Brian Gibson

Dear Fr. Jerry,

By God’s amazing grace, we documented the 3500th baby saved from death by abortion this past week through the work of Pro-Life Action Ministries over the years. Already, we have added 3501, 3502, 3503 and 3504 since then.

I absolutely would like to thank all who pray for, financially support, and encourage us in this life-saving effort. Without you we would not be marking so many lives saved, so many lives impacted, so many families helped. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

And we do not do this alone. Without the network of pregnancy help centers and many other pro-life organizations and churches, this would not have happened. Each and every individual and organization that has played a part, great or small, has the privilege to celebrate all these lives spared from the evil of abortion.

But there is a group of individuals I want to point out who have been primary in our work -- our sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters at the abortion mills.

These amazing volunteers come from all backgrounds in life, scheduling time to be present either offering focused, ardent prayer or directly reaching out to the women (and other accompanying adults) to offer hope and concrete help in order to save lives.

Though they come from diverse backgrounds, they all have at least one thing in common. A character of Christian life that encourages me and I find powerful among these volunteers - Christian courage.

Right through a pandemic that has seized so many in fear and, in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, multiple nights of rioting and ongoing social upheaval, these selfless individuals display courage that is a living example of the classic western cardinal virtue of courage.

I believe God has honored the courage of our sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters and blessed Pro-Life Action Ministries with a substantial increase in the number of babies being saved at the abortion mills during these turbulent times.

Time and time again, scripture tells us to “be not afraid” and to “take courage” in our walk with God. These men and women are my go-to examples of the Word of God being lived out.

May Pro-Life Action Ministries be known by the character of its volunteers as a ministry of Christian courage.

In Christ the Lord,

Brian Gibson
Executive Director
Pro-Life Action Ministries

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