Abortion Pill Trial Shirks FDA Safeguards

Lila Rose

Hi Jerry,

I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this critical new video (link below) released earlier this week.

The abortion industry is:

*Working to lift FDA restrictions on the abortion pill, RU-486.
*Aggressively promoting dangerous “do-it-yourself” chemical abortions.
*Pushing to kill more preborn children and harm more women - to make more money.

Jerry, watch this important video below: (link below) "Abortion Pill Trial Shirks FDA Safeguards"

Here are some highlights you need to know:

*A pill-by-mail TelAbortion clinical trial has been ongoing for a number of years. The coronavirus crisis has provided the abortion industry the perfect opportunity to accelerate their efforts.
*Currently, FDA regulations do not allow for the abortion pill to be made available in retail pharmacies or over the internet.
*The abortion industry wants to make this lethal drug available in any store, pharmacy, via mail order, on college campuses - everywhere.

Why does this matter?

If these regulations are lifted:

*More preborn children will die than ever before.
*More women will be harmed by the horrible trauma of abortion.
*More women’s lives will be put in danger as they bleed out at home or in their dorm rooms.
*The abortion industry will profit more than ever, making them able to kill even more children than ever before.

Jerry, that’s why I hope you will not only watch this short video and educate yourself, but also share it with your friends on social media or forward them this email.

You and I must remain vigilant and fight back to stop this.

For life,

Lila Rose
President & Founder
Live Action


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