Your Rights Still Exist

Tom Brejcha

Dear Jerry,

I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during these uncertain times.

There’s so much bad news right now that I wanted to share a big win.

The city of Hagerstown, MD recently backed down from their restrictions on pro-life free speech.

A couple weeks ago, Hagerstown authorities had told sidewalk counselors that they couldn’t stand outside the local abortion clinic and threatened them with a $5,000 fine.

After TMS sent a demand letter, Hagerstown officials changed their minds and allowed the pro-life advocates to work in peace

While we were thrilled with this victory, our fight is far from over.

You see, this health crisis has emboldened abortion-minded politicians to strip away our constitutional right to free speech.

In many cities, such as Greensboro and San Francisco, authorities specifically targeted pro-life workers and sidewalk counselors.

But thanks to your generous support, our hard-working attorneys spun into action to defend our clients.

Without them, these jurisdictions would have gotten away with their unlawful orders.

Jerry, this is why your support of the Thomas More Society and our mission is more important now than ever. Your generosity and prayers give us the ability to defend the right to life even during a pandemic when so much of the country is shut down.

And we can’t back down now.

If the abortion industry feels they have the chance to shut down our efforts, make no mistake – they will. So, if we stop fighting for sidewalk counselors and other pro-life advocates, we may never have the ability to save another precious baby again.

The Thomas More Society will not back down, and we’re counting on you to continue fighting alongside us.

On behalf of myself, our attorneys and staff, and the hundreds of sidewalk counselors and pro-life advocates we represent around the country, thank you.

Debbie and I are in constant prayer for you. God willing, we’ll be able to return to our normal lives in the very near future.

Until then, may God bless you,
Tom Brejcha
President & Chief Counsel
Thomas More Society


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