Loving Will

Judie Brown

Dear Friend,

During these trying times, you may find yourself or your loved ones in need of a truly pro-life advance directive.

And as someone who truly respects human life, you will want to ensure that your actual wishes are understood and carried out.

The LOVING WILL is a document that tells your doctor and other health care personnel how to take care of you should you become so sick that you are unable to communicate your wishes.

In short, it instructs health care personnel to do nothing intentionally by act or omission to cause your death.

Unlike a “living will,” a Loving Will presumes a desire for life and provides for necessary medical treatment and care, including food, water, and oxygen.

With orders in New York State instructing doctors not to resuscitate patients and Swedish style "duty-to-die" directives being floated about, you and your loved ones need this critical piece of information to protect your life and the lives of people you know and love.


FAQ on ALL's Loving Will Directive
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Many concerned Catholics and their families are contacting American Life League for guidance and advice during these extraordinary times.

That is why ALL is making our Loving Will package ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Click Below For Your FREE Loving Will

Whenever you go to the hospital, bring along your carefully prepared life-protective directive.

Every person 18 years old and older should have a life-protective directive.

Never sign an organ donor card or an advance directive (even from another pro-life organization) that authorizes taking your vital organs for transplantation.

If you know of someone who needs to take advantage of this life-saving directive, please feel free to click here and share this with them directly.

Please know that we are praying for you and your loved ones every day. Pray for the end of abortion and euthanasia in this country!

Yours in the LORD Who IS Life!

Judie Brown
American Life League


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