Will You Pray For Us?

Andrew Bath

Dear Jerome,

Thank you for your prayers and support for our attorneys and clients.

Knowing so many folks are praying for us keeps us going, even in the toughest times – which is why I’m urgently asking you to renew your spiritual support for us by signing this special Prayer Warrior Pledge today. (See link below)

As you know, our Thomas More Society attorneys haven’t slowed down, even for a moment, during these unprecedented times. In fact, the coronavirus’s stay-at-home orders have created even more urgent work for us.

From stay-at-home orders deeming liquor stores “essential” but not churches, and sidewalk counselors threatened with arrest outside abortion clinics, even though they are strictly following social distancing guidelines…

…to local police casting a blind eye at abortion providers continuing their businesses at full throttle despite state (and even local) officials deeming elective surgeries as non-essential and unpermitted – our attorneys have been working day and night to analyze each individual stay-at-home order so we can properly advise our clients.

We’ve even filed three new lawsuits as a result of unlawful application of these orders – and we’re ready to file more if authorities don’t stand down.

All while maintaining our normal caseload of more than 100 active cases, of course! (See link below)

Jerome, the round-the-clock work is taking a toll so I’m urgently asking you to double down on your spiritual support for our attorneys.

Please pray that our attorneys maintain the strength and focus to review these stay-at-home orders quickly and thoroughly…

That our attorneys communicate clearly and effectively with our clients to help them understand what their rights are – and what they are prohibited from doing…

That our dozens of demand letters to various authorities and lawsuits fully vindicate the rights of our dedicated pro-life clients.

And that our attorneys stay safe and healthy – especially when they are forced to travel for court appearances to obtain justice for our clients.

You and I both know the power of prayer and now, more than ever, we need to beseech heaven with these requests.

Thank you for your unwavering spiritual support.


Andrew Bath
Executive Vice President and General Counsel


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