Urgent Call To Action Telemedicine

Ashley Garecht

Dear Jerry,

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Please help us ensure that new TeleMedicine legislation DOES NOT allow telemed access abortions in Pennsylvania!

WHAT CAN I DO: Please take 60 seconds to email your State Senator and ask them to support Senate Bill 857 AS AMENDED. You can also call your Senator’s office. District offices are more likely to have staff receiving calls as most Harrisburg offices are closed.

HOW DO I DO THAT: You can find your Senator’s name and contact information via this web tool. https://pennsylvaniafamilycouncil.salsalabs.org/dontpullapelosi/index.html

WHAT SHOULD I SAY: “Senator _____, as your constituent I urge you to support Senate Bill 857 as amended and I ask you to do all you can to make sure that this telemedicine bill is not used to expand abortion in Pennsylvania. Please ask Senate Leader Corman to keep the House language in Senate Bill 857.”

WHAT IF MY SENATOR IS PRO-ABORTION: “Senator _____, as your constituent I urge you to support Senate Bill 857 as amended. I understand that we have different opinions on abortion, but allowing expanded access to abortion via telemedicine presents a grave danger to women. Telemedicine can be a crucial tool for our citizens while we manage the dangers of COVID-19, but Senate Bill 857 should not simultaneously and needlessly jeopardize women.

The FDA has flagged the abortion drug Mifeprex as a “restricted drug” that must only be given after an in-person consultation with a medical professional because of the risk of severe complications, especially if there is an error in calculating the duration of a pregnancy. Additionally, telemed abortions endanger women with ectopic pregnancies by delaying this diagnosis, which can lead to dangerous and perhaps even fatal results.”

GIVE ME SOME MORE BACKGROUND: Senate Bill 857 is a proposed bill dealing with expanding health care options especially to rural areas in Pennsylvania by authorizing the regulation of telemedicine by professional licensing boards and providing for insurance coverage of telemedicine. This is a GOOD IDEA with BI-PARTISAN support to help provide resources to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus in our state.

The bill currently includes crucial language that would ban risky telemedication abortions by requiring a doctor to administer in-person and at a health facility any of the drugs flagged by the FDA with serious safety concerns, which includes the abortion drug Mifeprex (RU-486).

**In other words, the amendment language simply requires our state legislation to align with what the FDA has already declared: “restricted drugs” have such a serious risk of complications that they can only be administered after an in-person meeting with a doctor.

Abortion is not health care and should not be a part of our state’s effort to contain the coronavirus.

Ashley Garecht
Member, Board of Directors Pro-Life Union
Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia · 88 Pennsylvania Ave, Oreland, PA 19075, United States

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