The Second Victim

Alison Centofante

Hi Jerry,

You and I know abortion’s first victim is the preborn child.

But there is a second victim I’ve been thinking a lot about – the child’s mom.

The repercussions from abortion’s violence create a ripple effect that takes an emotional, psychological, and sometimes physical toll on the mother and in turn affects all those around her.

Jerry, I want you to read this heart-wrenching message we received from a post-abortive mother, in her own words:

“I had a saline abortion at 19 my husband and I had only been married 3 months I was ill. When [I] discovered I was pregnant doctors told us our baby had abnormalities [and it] would not be in our best [interest] to carry...We listened to doctors. It literally destroyed my life...Abortion not only kills a child it kills a part of you. It never leaves you the thought of your child. We are created to create, to love, not to kill and destroy.”

As this mother shares, the harm caused by abortion isn’t just isolated to the innocent child killed in the womb. Whether they acknowledge it or not, most women who have aborted their tiny babies feel immense grief from the loss of motherhood and their participation in the destruction of a human life.

Yet, the pain that millions of mothers feel every time they think of their aborted children is dismissed and ignored by the very people who claim to speak for women.

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry don’t “empower” women, they prey upon them in their most vulnerable moments to profit from killing their preborn child - often relying on deception and outright lies to secure an abortion.

They pressure these mothers to abort by claiming her child is a “clump of cells,” falsely telling her she has no other options, and saying she cannot achieve her dreams, goals, and pursue a career while being a mother.

In fact, one study shows 64 percent of abortions involved coercion, 79 percent of women were not informed of alternatives, and 67 percent received no counseling beforehand.

Jerry, abortion is an attack on the family - on preborn children, their mothers, and the fathers who are told their voice doesn’t matter in the decision.

A heartbreaking number of our friends, coworkers, and neighbors are wounded, silently grieving this loss. We must embrace these post-abortive mothers and fathers with compassion, generosity, and most importantly, forgiveness. They are in need of our love to grieve their loss and fully heal.

Jerry, if you or someone you know is post-abortive, I wanted to offer you a resource that may help in the healing:

**International Helpline for Abortion Recovery provides confidential care 24/7 for those needing help after abortion. The helpline is staffed by consultants who have personally experienced the pain of abortion, but have also found hope and healing - CALL (866) 482-5433

Too many women have been lied to about the development of their child in the womb, and as a result, participate in that child's death.

Too many women (and men) are suffering grief and emotional trauma in silence. Too many.

Together, we can bring hope and healing to post-abortive mothers and fathers, and put an end to the cause of their grief - the killing of preborn children.

Alison headshot copy (2)For life,

Alison Centofante
Director of External Relations
Live Action

P.S. Jerry, thank you for reading. If you know of someone considering abortion, here is another resource you can use:

**Option Line offers a confidential live chat, text line, and toll-free phone line that is available 24/7. The website contains additional resources for women who are considering abortion, have had an abortion, or are seeking alternatives to abortion - CALL (800) 712-4357

Here is a link to our full list of pro-life resources:

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