I Think You Will Like This Devotional

Katie Hiller

Hi there, Jerome!

I was recently thinking about the difference between just saying I’m pro-life and actively living out the Pro Abundant Life message.

I’ve said I was pro-life for years, but have I lived that out?

As I was looking for resources to help me grow in this area, I found an amazing 7-day devotional! It really dives into God’s heart for the unborn and helped me discover what the Lord is currently doing inside the church to make abortions unthinkable.

Each testimony and corresponding scriptures challenged my unbelief and encouraged me to be even more involved in God’s life-saving work.

I thought you might like it as well, so here’s a link where you can get it for free. https://resources.care-net.org/pursuing-the-heart-of-god

If you start reading it, I would love to hear how it impacts you. Shoot me a reply and let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Katie Hiller
Marketing and Communication Coordinator


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