You Won't Believe Why She Wants A Lamborghini!

Mat Staver

"I want a Lamborghini!" … These were the words from a Planned Parenthood director as she haggled over the price that Planned Parenthood wanted for lungs, livers, kidneys, hearts, and brains from babies, some of whom were born alive.

Sandra Merritt exposed Planned Parenthood for its involvement in selecting, harvesting, and selling baby body parts for profit. And I'm proud to represent this brave woman.

This grandmother-turned-whistleblower researched this unspeakable human organ trafficking for several years and was compelled to do something to reveal this evil. I hope that you will follow her example and help us put an end to removing organs from living infants.

There is a bill in Congress that will close a loophole for abortionists, with punishments for anyone who abuses, neglects, or kills babies who are born alive. We only need a few more members of the U.S. House to bring this bill to a vote. Here is how you can help. —Mat

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Now you may be asking yourself what would compel my client, a 66-year-old grandmother, to leave her cozy couch, her crochet kit, and her cherished children?

Why would she put on an undercover camera, get on a plane, assume an undercover identity and record Planned Parenthood doctors discussing their willingness to use what one abortionist euphemistically called "less crunchy techniques" in order to obtain more intact – and valuable – human organs from helpless infants?

That certainly is not my idea of a restful retirement, and it probably isn't yours, either. But Sandra has said exactly why she did it.

She received information and evidence that led her to believe that Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry were engaging in very serious, violent criminal conduct.

As difficult as it was for Sandra to see and hear this evidence, she will tell you that she could not ignore it. She believed that YOU have the right to know the truth.

Her videos exposed the horrific actions of Planned Parenthood employees haggling over the bodies of the babies they just killed, some of which were born alive, before being—quite literally—sacrificed to science.

There are hundreds of legislators on Capitol Hill who are taking a stand so that Planned Parenthood can continue to harvest organs from living newborn babies! Shockingly, these abortionists have absolutely no fear of punishment. Not a single abortionist has even been charged with a crime.

It is time to stop this. Time to spread the truth on Capitol Hill and make a difference in our nation. Click the button below to sign our petition and make your voice heard by the legislators who can pass the Born-Alive Act and stop these atrocities.

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The truth is, Planned Parenthood medical director STILL wants a Lamborghini.

We just need a total of 20 more votes to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (S 311 and HR 962). This will create punishments for anyone who neglects, abuses, or kills a newborn baby after a failed abortion. This bill would outlaw the horrific practice of cutting beating hearts out of newborn babies like our client Sandra demonstrated Planned Parenthood did … and is willing to continue doing.

Sign our petition to Congress to demand this practice be shut down permanently.

Your support helps us continue this fight for precious innocent life. I am so grateful for your involvement in this issue, as a "thank you" for signing our petition, my team will email you a free four-page summary of our findings.

In the pursuit of justice,

Mat Staver,
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
PO Box 540774
Orlando, FL 32854

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