This Will Just Take A Minute Or Two, But You'll Make A Huge Impact!

Steven Mosher

Good afternoon,

Will you please sign our petition to STOP infanticide across the United States?

Your petition will automatically be addressed to your state legislative leaders. It tells them in no uncertain terms that you do NOT want your state to allow abortion right up until the moment of birth!

Abortionists are terrified that Roe v Wade could soon be overturned. So they are aggressively lobbying state legislatures to legalize abortion right up until the moment of birth. It’s their “abortion insurance policy.”

Already, abortionists have passed legalized infanticide in 11 states. Their ultimate goal is infanticide in all 50 states. Your “No Infanticide” Petition can help make sure that your state NEVER caves in to that demand!

So will you sign the petition? And will you do it today? It’s a major part of this baby-saving battle in every state, but that’s not all that must be done…

Here is PRI’s action plan…

Advertising that will mobilize huge numbers of other pro-lifers—we’ll target readers of the National Catholic Register, Our Sunday Visitor, and other major Catholic publications

Heavily promoted online videos that present infanticide in all its horrible ugly truth — no sugar coating, no soft presentation

And of course there’s this…

Pro-lifers must flood every state capital with petitions demanding “No Infanticide!”

So will you please sign this petition right now?

Yours for All of God's Littlest Ones,

Steven Mosher

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