The Fight To Protect OUR Children



A few weeks ago you may have received information on a new explicit proposal schools across Ireland are facing: the implementation of a new sex-education program that exposes children as young as 4 to radically more explicit material.

Most parents are unaware that this is happening - yet all schools will be forced to implement this, even if it goes against their ethos.

This programme could go as far as teaching 4-year-olds about masturbation and nine-year-olds about making a conscious decision to have sex, as well as promoting the idea of abortion. Not only will this lead to an increased number of deaths of unborn babies, but will ultimately lead to an increase in exploitation of young women.

It is truly a sad state of affairs when you come across media report of a young child sexually assaulting another young child due to “copying” what they've seen in pornographic material. Yet we are being told school students should become 'porn literate'.

We trust schools to provide academic education for our children, not teach them about inappropriate adult actions and responsibilities. It is up to the parents to decide how to approach this matter in the best way for their child and no one, no school, no government, no board of education has any right to take this away from parents.

As you may already know, the deadline for parents to voice their concern to the NCCA for this new sex-education program has now passed, but the campaign continues. We ask that you remain aware of this current issue and help us to bring this news to parents of school children, who particularly need to know about this. If you would like us to send copies of the “Abortion and Porn Literacy Being Pushed in Schools” flyer, which provides information on this new programme, please contact us by phone or email with you name, address and number of copies you would like. We are grateful for all that you do, and have done, to protect our children.

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