Video Of House Voice Vote On PCHETA, Oct 28, 2019

Elizabeth Wickham, PhD

Dear friends of LifeTree,

In case you want to see how social re-engineering happens I wanted to make sure you all have this video from last Monday night when PCHETA passed in the House of Representatives by voice vote. Its companion (SB 2080) is in the Senate HELP Committee headed by Sen Lamar Alexander from TN. He is not our friend. Perhaps Sens. Scott and Cruz and others would take a stand against this bill. Please pray that it never makes it out of the Senate! If anyone knows how to contact the President for a possible veto, please begin to initiate that action. This bill with change healthcare in America for generations to come!

It is important for us to distinguish palliative care from hospice care by understanding that hospice care is usually part of the last days of palliative care. Palliative care is the much wider concept. The palliative care model developed by the Third Path Euthanasia Movement aims to introduce palliative care at the point of diagnosis. Just remember to explain to people that palliative care should not be thought of as end-of-life care!

In this video legislators from Evanston, IL and from Ithaca, NY are talking about hospice care at end-of-life and why it was so wonderful for their parent. They are not really talking about today's new field of palliative care.

Palliative care is administered by an interdisciplinary team who are joined together in their overall goal of switching from curative care to non-curative care with the concurrence of the patient/family. Sustainable medicine! They are trained in how to "nudge" in family discussions. It would be interesting to plot the time they train in conversational techniques vs ordinary medical care. The palliative-trained medical people are supported by lay people such as those trained in the Respecting Choices curriculum.

I thought you might like to understand where the notion that we need a new field of medicine originated. To my knowledge it first came up in 1972 at the 3-Day Senate Hearing on the Aging.

Day one started with testimony from Dr. Poe, a public health doctor from Duke. He had argued in the NEJM of the need for a new field of medicine -- MARANTOLOGY, A NEEDED SPECIALTY (Jan. 13, 1972). (His article appears in the testimony as an Addendum.) Day one continued with a discussion on brain death with testimony from Dr. Henry Beecher who was the first anesthesia dept chair at Harvard. Connection between brain death and palliative care? What are the odds?

Is palliative medicine what Dr. Poe had in mind?

Prayers to the Holy Ghost and to St. Joseph,


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