Thanks To Mary Who Made Me Become A Mother


My husband and I wanted a baby, but because of menstrual issues, I thought that I was unable to conceive. I was very sad, but I remembered the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows that was always on my bedside table. I hadn’t prayed it yet, but I knew that thanks to this Rosary, other couples had been able to conceive.

So I started praying with all my heart, telling Mary that I wanted to become a mother, but leaving it up to her to decide the right moment. I asked her to help me accept my trial patiently. After 3 days of light bleeding and while praying the Rosary frequently, the bleeding stopped. I did not imagine for a minute that I was pregnant. Actually, the baby was already implanted in my womb! I discovered a few days later that month that I was pregnant!

I was able to get close to God and Mary thanks to this wonderful gift of becoming a mother! From now on I am going to share the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows with friends who have been trying to conceive for months and with all those I know who are trying to get closer to the Virgin Mary and God

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