Elites Push Secular Hospice & Palliative "care" Through Govts, Churches, Businesses

Ron Panzer


The pressure on anyone who goes in and out of an acute care hospital more than twice is ramping up even more than it was before. We are getting reports from around the country and what is euphemistically termed "No wrong door" is actually "No escape" or "No exit" from the mandatory escalator coercing patients into hospice whether they want it or not.

Authentically life-affirming palliative care at the end-of-life is what hospice is supposed to deliver, but that is very much a rare thing in today's secular society. The healthcare system reflects the values and worldview of those who set the standards and agenda at the highest levels of government, within the bureaucracies, the licensing agencies, and even the administrators of the agencies themselves.

It has been a very, very long time since the assumed worldview was Judeo-Christian, life-affirming, and that "do no harm" and "never hasten death" were givens. Now, the secular utilitarians reign and may God have mercy on anyone who enters the "system" without a patient advocate -- family member or friend -- who can step up and make sure unwanted medications are not administered and needed medications or treatments are provided.

There are all sorts of problems occurring and as you likely know, not only the major media but conservative media as well are almost completely censoring the reality that exists with "the system." The infiltration of tainted, i.e. "secular utilitarian," palliative care into absolutely every niche of the healthcare system is complete.

What does this mean for you, your family members, friends, or anyone? It means that no matter where you enter "the system," if you (or anyone else) even begin to look like a "costly," "difficult," or just "too elderly or disabled" patient, you will be told over and over that hospice is the place for you.

You will be told, "Hospice can provide a full range of services." And they will spit out a description of the members of the interdisciplinary team: physicians, pharmacists (sometimes), registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, aides, volunteers, nutritionists, as well as physical, occupational, and speech-language therapists, as well as any others you might think of.

In many, many cases, you will never see any therapists, pharmacist, or even the physician. Most of the time, you will get a visit from an R.N. once every week or two. If you're fortunate, more than once a week. You may get aide visits one to three times a week. If you're fortunate, maybe five times a week. Maybe you'll get help from a volunteer. But otherwise, you will be on your own.

Will you receive all the information you need to make really good decisions for yourself or your loved one? Sometimes, but we very, very often hear about patients or family members who are deliberately misled, intimidated into agreeing to some "cookie-cutter" medication protocol (that only leads to a hastened death), outright lied to or vital information is withheld, and those who care most about the patient may even be banned from seeing the patient if they object to what is going on. This is not an exaggeration!

You will be told, "All these services are free!" And, "We will make sure that you (or your loved one) are kept comfortable." And, "patients who receive hospice care enjoy a better quality of life and live longer."

Even if the hospice is "faith-based," we often still hear about the same types of death-hastening practices. Do not assume! Ask questions and do not go without getting the answers you need (that is why many call us here at HPA to get another opinion and more information about what often is a very confusing, challenging time).

The sad reality is that these things were true and are true only if life-affirming, pro-life end-of-life care is provided. The reality is that some patients die in excruciating pain because some of the nurses are incompetent or because the administrators don't wish to spend the money (out of the reimbursement they get to care for you) to provide the medications you really need. We hear reports like that regularly.

The reality is that patients often die when they weren't expected to die at all. The reality is that some patients aren't even terminal and they die anyway from opioid overdoses, from being sedated permanently into death, from intentionally "dirty" care aimed at causing infections (yes, it does happen!), or from suddenly being deprived of the medications, food, or even water they need that kept them alive like you or me, or as chronically-ill but quite stable patients.

Did you know?

Walmart will be partnering with Amedisys on Expanding Hospice Care! Walmart!
(Amedisys has become one of the largest hospice and home health corporations in the US after gobbling up other systems)

Did you know?

The Catholic Church is formally promoting the expansion of palliative care throughout the world (even though they do not even acknowledge that secular utilitarian palliative care has infiltrated end-of-life care throughout many parts of the world). The US bishops and priests will be encouraging their parishioners to enroll in hospice without warning them of the problems many encounter there. See:

Catholic Church's PAL-LIFE International Consulting Working Group on the Propagation and Development of Palliative Care in the World
or see: https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/10.1089/jpm.2018.0248

Normally, promoting life-affirming end-of-life care would be a welcome effort, but when the industry is filled with secular utilitarians, it has become a recipe for oppression, coercion, and imposed death/medical killing. We hear reports of these all the time.

Did you know that the United States Congress is pushing a Bill through that would provide many millions of dollars to promote secular palliative care throughout the country?

The National Association of Pro-life Nurses has formally announced its opposition to the Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act

August 2019 - The National Association of Pro-life Nurses joins the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition USA and the Healthcare Advocacy Leadership Organization (HALO) in opposing the Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act (2019) H.R. 647, S.2080. (HALO has issued an action alert with the contact numbers for legislators on the Senate committee considering this bill.)
See: https://www.nursesforlife.org/napn-in-the-news.html
and: https://halorganization.com/action-alert/#contact

To keep up-to-date on these and other issues, we encourage you to sign up for the HALO newsletter

We encourage you to contact your Congressional representatives urging them to oppose the PCHETA bill!


Spread the word about what is going on! The major media, conservative media, as well as both federal and state government officials are all utterly censoring this epidemic of medical killing. They will not admit what is going on and in fact, deny the reality!

For that reason, we have the Stealth Euthanasia book online and available to everyone to read for free (It can also be downloaded or bought as a hardcover printed book). If each of you tell 10 others, and they tell 10 others who also tell 10 others, etc. everyone in the country would know the truth before their family member is in danger!

Getting the word out is really very possible -- actually certain -- all you have to do is make this small effort. This is the first step to stopping the killing!

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All healthcare must be pro-life, otherwise it is not healthcare!

Ron Panzer
for Hospice Patients Alliance

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