John Horvat

Dear Rev. Fr. jerome novotny,

I hate to have to report on this. But perversions like this will spread if we do nothing about them.

The teen and 'tween' magazine, Teen Vogue, has published a disturbing article in its online edition encouraging teenagers to take part in immoral practices.

WARNING: Disturbing Content; Read With Caution

The article, whose title is too vulgar to mention, is written by Elle Chase, a "certified sex educator," and outlines immoral practices for teenagers to perform.

Sign the petition, urging Teen Vogue to stop scandalizing our youth

The reports are truly horrible:

"Yesterday's headline story on ... is an incomprehensible attempt to sexualize and exploit the minds of its young teen and tween readers...

"Written by 'certified sex educator' Elle Chase, the guide provides teens with 'tips on [immoral behavior]'... Next described are ways to 'get prepared' for [prostitution and sodomy, and other forms of deviant behavior] ...

"Interspersed throughout the article are links to ... Planned Parenthood's contraception options including 'the morning after pill,' and links to dozens of other sex-related articles for its young readers on

"Just as deplorable, the article concludes by telling teen and tweens: 'We all deserve to [expletive] our fat hearts out.'"
(; emphasis added)

Sign the petition, telling Teen Vogue to remove its immoral content

This is disgusting!

Our Lord warns against those that scandalize the young (Matt. XVIII. 6). And the effects on society can be devastating, especially since Teen Vogue has 20 million followers.

Please sign our petition urging Teen Vogue to stop jeopardizing our youth.

´╗┐Thank you.

I remain,


John Horvat
Vice-President, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)

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