How One Angry Professor’s Actions Backfired

Alliance Defending Freedom

Dear Jerome,

Bernadette Tasy wasn’t having a very good year.

Nearing the close of her senior year at Fresno State University, Bernadette felt that two semesters’ worth of her best, most energetic efforts would lead to nothing.

Bernadette and a friend had started a Students for Life group on campus the previous year. They had poured their hearts and souls into spreading the pro-life message on campus with little response (other than students defacing and tearing down their posters).

It felt like things couldn’t get any worse.

Then, Greg Thatcher got involved.

A public health professor, Thatcher recruited students from his classroom to help him wipe away pro-life chalk messages written by the Students for Life group with the university’s permission. A video of his confrontation with Bernadette went viral.

But what Professor Thatcher meant for harm, God used for good…


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