Jerry, Did You See The Victory This Week?

Lila Rose

Hi Jerry,

I want to make sure you didn’t miss the news this week.

As you may know, the Trump administration has recently enacted the “Protect Life Rule,” which requires any recipients of Title X family planning funds to separate their “services” killing preborn children from their family planning services.

Even though Planned Parenthood was granted additional time to disentangle its abortion business from family planning, the abortion giant announced it has decided to forgo these funds - meaning it will lose $60 million a year in taxpayer funding!

Jerry, this is good news.

This victory was only made possible by pro-life individuals like you who submitted comments to the Trump administration when the rule was under consideration last year. I can’t thank you enough for your activism!

With Planned Parenthood’s decision this week, as well as the recent firing of Leana Wen, the abortion giant is making its priority clear: to continue profiting off the killing of preborn children and not provide actual health care to women.

I’ve been exposing Planned Parenthood for 11 years now, and each one of our investigations shows abortion to be their true priority, from:

Planned Parenthood giving women medical misinformation, -

Planned Parenthood aiding sexual abusers, -

Planned Parenthood lying about their health care services to women, and more. -

Jerry, you can view all of our videos on these investigations by visiting Live Action’s YouTube channel. While you are there, make sure you subscribe to our channel so you never miss one of our new videos.


Jerry, while this is great news this week, we must still work to completely defund Planned Parenthood of the roughly $500 million in taxpayer funding it receives every year.

To end the taxpayer funding of abortion, we must convince more Americans to see the truth about Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry - and it starts by YOU watching and sharing our investigative videos with your friends on social media.

Together, we can stop making the American people complicit in this grave human rights abuse - and make the killing of preborn children unthinkable.

Thank you for all you do to defend the most vulnerable.

For life,

Lila Rose
President & Founder
Live Action

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