Example: Karen's Value And Worth



I hope your morning is off to a great start!

Jerry, I want to make sure you had a chance to see our latest video showing why holding the view that “babies with disabilities are better off aborted” has no place in a world that stands for basic human rights.

Watch as Karen Gaffney, who has Down syndrome, shares why all lives, especially those with special conditions, have value and worth.

Watch here: https://prolifereplies.liveaction.org/disabilities/

If killing an adult with a special condition or disability is considered a human rights violation, the same logic should apply to preborn children - both are wrong.

People with special needs can lead happy and full lives, and every human being deserves to be loved, cherished, and given a chance to fulfill his or her unique potential.

We must strive to build a world where those with Down syndrome, as well as those with other genetic, physical, intellectual, or behavioral differences, are loved and recognized for the infinite value of their lives.

Thank you for watching and sharing this new video!

- Lila


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