Patrick Marmion, Maternal Mortality Risk From Abortion

Steve Koob

Doctor Marmion teaches and does research as an Associate Clinical Professor at the Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, Spokane Washington. He is board certified in Preventive Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology, and has his MPH in maternal and child health. He has been an OB Hospitalist Portland, OR, teaching residents from OHSU while caring for critical care maternal transports from outlying hospitals. Prior to moving to the Pacific NW he practiced in Cincinnati where he founded Healthy Beginnings ( to provide care for abortion minded mothers.

Abortion is not just murder for children in their mother's womb. Abortion also places the child's mother's life at substantial risk. That is the bottom line take-away message from Dr Marmion's research on "Maternal Mortality Risk from Abortion." Here are a few findings from his research:

· After years of failure to obtain accurate statistics on maternal mortality, the United States noted a sharp increase in its maternal mortality rate with widening racial and ethnic disparities. Why? Because black and Hispanic children are far more likely to be aborted than white babies. Margaret Sanger wins.
· Post-abortive women are more likely to die from substance abuse, homicide and suicide, raising the maternal mortality ratio if [the event] occurs within one year of the end of pregnancy. Why? Because abortion messes up the woman's body, mind and soul,.
· Induced abortion may produce significant morbidities in subsequent pregnancies requiring obstetrical interventions that raise the risk of maternal mortality and the life, health and future of her children.
· Discussion of maternal mortality often branches into policy issues rather than seeking factors that underlie causation.
· The politics of pregnancy-related mortality obstruct root cause analyses of maternal mortality. Why? Because abortion is legal and one of the major political parties has enshrined abortion for any reason at any gestational age in its political platform and legislative agenda.

Not included in Dr Marmion's research results is the fact that the medical, legal and religious professions are corrupted to the core by their real and implicit support for abortion AND abortion's root cause-CONTRACEPTION!

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May God bless you and send His Holy Spirit upon us to give us wisdom courage and the Truth!!

Steve Koob, Director One More Soul, and Host
"The Quest for a Culture of Life in America"

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