Missouri Panel Grants Planned Parenthood Last Minute Reprieve

Judie Brown

The Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission just issued an order allowing Planned Parenthood to continue performing abortions.

The decision to close this dangerous facility is now being put off until August 1st in the hopes that public passions will cool and pro-lifers will simply give up.

We aren't going to let that happen.

The babies need two things from you right now. The first is prayer... your Rosaries, your Mass intentions, and your continued strength. The second? MORE PEOPLE.

If you are in the greater St. Louis area, ask you priest what he is doing about this right now.

Ask your pro-life committee (or organize one) to show up.

Continue to bear peaceful and prayerful witness in front of this clinic and above all keep the pressure on strong to liberate Missouri from the iron grip of Planned Parenthood.

Our Lady of Fatima gave us the best weapon against evil in this world:

"Recite the rosary every day to obtain the peace for the world..."
If we do as Our Lady asks, she will close this Planned Parenthood. So pray with me -- and if you are near St. Louis? Send people and prayers!

Yours in the Lord Who IS Life!

Judie Brown
American Life League

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