Restore The Culture & Pro-life Laws Will Follow

Ron Panzer


Though some in the pro-life community believe that "pro-life is winning," the battle for the hearts and minds of Americans is ongoing. Some pro-lifers believe they are winning because several states have passed restrictions or outright bans on medical killing of the unborn embryonic or fetal human beings who exist just as you and I once did (aka "abortion").

On the other hand, several states have now legalized assisted-suicide under such euphemisms as "Death with Dignity," "Medical Aid in Dying," or simply "Physician-assisted death" (the term preferred by the secular American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine). Hospice physicians are without any doubt "assisting" patients to death without admitting that is what they are doing. That is stealth euthanasia.

Is pro-life "winning?" That's hard to say. The final results are not in yet and what happens next is anyone's guess. The restrictions on medical killing of those of us who are not yet born have all been challenged in court and will take some time to reach the Supreme Court as is intended by those who passed those laws. The judicial permission to kill ("assist" or "aid" to death) the elderly, disabled, and chronically-ill -- or others who are said to seek the end of their lives is facing little objection from the "justices" who sit on the courts.

In addition, where legalized, those nurses and physicians who object are being weeded out or forced to refer to those who will prescribe lethal medications to "aid" the patient to death. The liberal-leaning American Nurses Association is shockingly considering changing their position from opposition to nurses' participation in assisted-suicide to "neutral." Everyone paying attention knows that such a change is equivalent to supporting the practice (without having the courage to come straight out and say: "We support nurses' participation in medical killing." See Nancy Valko, RN's article, Is the American Nurses Association Ready to Drop Opposition to Assisted Suicide? March 15, 2019

Clearly, nursing is about nurturing life and never be about killing! To accept, legalize, and practice medical killing is the antithesis of medical care!

Much is in flux in our society. Much of what has for thousands of years been accepted as unquestioned, morally & ethically right, common sense, and established societal practice is being challenged by those who seek not only to remove constraints to any sexual practice however deviant, but to remove constraints to killing those we love, and to criminalize pro-life and conservative speech and values. Make no mistake about that as some have already been imprisoned for their pro-life or conservative views or been socially and financially attacked and harmed.

The secular Left -- pro-euthanasia/assisted-suicide, pro-medical killing of those yet to be born and just born humans, and those who support eugenics and the elimination of any who are seen as no longer useful in society -- are making a zealous effort to impose their will upon the people in many nations and those of us working in pro-life advocacy need your support more than ever. Your financial support or volunteer efforts really make the difference and we are grateful for the support given!

When those states legalized restrictions on the rights of women to medically kill their unborn children, many -- who care nothing about the right to life of those not yet born -- were horrified. When states legalized medical killing of the about-to-be-born or just born, those who respect the sanctity of life were horrified.

Both sides believe they are morally right, but science has long established that human life begins (for sexual reproduction) at fertilization when sperm first contacts and interacts with the oocyte to begin a new, unique human individual. See the April 11, 2019 article, "Carnegie Stage 1a = When Sexually Reproduced Human Beings Begin To Exist" and the February 1999 article, "When do human beings (normally) begin? "scientific" myths and scientific facts" both by Prof Dianne N Irving, MA, PhD.

What happens in the next national election in 2020 will be affected by the recent laws passed in different states. Some will support restrictions on medical killing while others will fight tooth and nail to defeat any elected officials who are conservative and pro-life.

Clearly, the laws are not enacted solely because on group is better at reasoning and explaining their position. To a great extent, laws follow the culture. If the culture is no longer pro-life with regard to medical killing, then many elected officials in the Legislatures will reflect that in their work. Without reverence for God and reverence for the lives He gives us, the culture deteriorates into utilitarian secular humanism.

Just recently a physician has been charged with killing 25 hospitalized patients by overdosing them with fentanyl. Doses as high as 500 mcg. were administered which is really unheard of, even within normal hospice settings, and because such extremely high doses are not needed, the doctor certainly intended to end his patients' lives.

It is noteworthy that had the patients been killed in hospice by similar means, it is unlikely any charges would have been brought because stealth euthanasia of thousands of such patients in hospice has been going on for at least two decades.

In this case, the doctor had been overdosing patients for a long time and the supposed hospital "safeguards" did nothing to stop this doctor from continued homicides. See: Ohio doctor pleads not guilty to murder charges for 25 painkiller overdose deaths by Jessie Balmert, Cincinnati Enquirer June 5, 2019

We hope that you will do your part to make a difference by speaking out about the issues, becoming active in supporting everyone's right to life at any stage of life, and bravely sharing with others. This is not a time for silence!


Carnegie Stage 1a = When Sexually Reproduced Human Beings Begin To Exist by Dianne N. Irving

When do human beings (normally) begin? by Dianne N. Irving

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