The Answer To "a Baby Is Not A Person"

Lila Rose

I’m sure you’ve heard the argument from abortion advocates that the preborn child - the fetus - is not a person, and therefore, abortion is permissible.

With all of the recent debates on abortion legislation across the country, this argument is one that abortion advocates are aggressively pushing in the media and our culture.

Our latest “Pro-Life Replies” video thoroughly dismantles their argument morally and philosophically - you can watch using this link:

Throughout history, the worst abusers of human rights have sought to dehumanize their victims, claiming that they are not “persons.” Abortion is no different.

If we believe that all human beings deserve basic human rights, then the preborn child must be considered a person - and no argument justifies the killing of a preborn child in the womb.

Thank you for watching and sharing this important video.

- Lila

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