Prayers For You During These Holiest Of Days

James D. Conley

Sacred Triduum 2019


Greetings in the Lord!

We are entering the holiest days of the year, so rich in liturgy and symbolism, in grace and blessing. We immerse ourselves into the life of Christ, not only in memory, but to re-live his final days and glorious triumph. As Christians – other Christs – we follow the same pattern of life. Even more, Jesus lives his life in us again in all its aspects. We are reminded that there is no Easter resurrection without first undergoing suffering and death. But what great hope flows from these days because we are assured that Our Lord has already conquered all sin and evil, yes, even ours. He has not only lived through the obstacles and challenges of our lives, but he has won the victory for us.

Let us then claim this victory with renewed vigor and confidence. Let us revel in the grace of the sacraments of the Eucharist, of Holy Orders, of Baptism and Confirmation that we celebrate in the Sacred Triduum. It is ours for the taking if only we dilate our hearts, opening ourselves to the healing light that radiates from our Risen Savior. May this hope fill you with deep gratitude that we have been called and chosen to be Christ-ians, sons and daughters of the greatest Father in the universe, buoyed by the Spirit of Unity and Peace. May the Lord remain with you!

Be assured of my prayers for you and your intentions during this grace-filled season. I remain

Sincerely yours in Christ,

The Most Rev. James D. Conley D.D., S.T.L.
Bishop of Lincoln
Episcopal Adviser

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