When It Feels Like The 436th Day Of Winter

Ardee Coolidge

Good morning Jerry

Is it just me, or does it feels like the 436th day of winter? Every week this year it’s felt like a new attack has come against the pro life movement. We've seen terrible laws with more potentially on the way and pregnancy centers attacked. Yet, we can't afford to become discouraged.

There are so many good things happening for us to celebrate. Heather wrote an excellent post about why joy should be our word of 2019:

Sometimes I'm tempted to ask myself, "does prayer really make a difference?" But then I look around and see clearly the things God is doing.

Over the past few decades we’ve seen the number of abortions decrease. We have seen thousands of pregnancy centers opened in communities across the country and pro-life advocates have saved more than a million lives. This has come about through the tireless work of many, and prayer has a great deal to do with it.

Some of us can volunteer at pregnancy centers, or fight for better laws in the political arena, or become part of a Making Life Disciples team at church, but we can all pray.

If you’re struggling to see how prayer is making a difference in the pro abundant life movement, take a moment to read this article and be encouraged:


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