Carhart’s Waste Hauler Puts Holy Water And Crosses On Containers Of Aborted Babies


David Henritzy, CEO of Bio-Haz Solutions, has responded to the outrage created by his company picking up aborted baby remains from third-trimester abortionist Leroy Carhart. In a voicemail recording to concerned citizens, Henritzy stated:

"First and foremost, we at Bio-Haz Solutions are against all abortions. However, we feel a reverential and moral responsibility with the goodness of God and His blessing that we take of the souls of the children with no voice. No other company does what we do in a very reverent and respectful way for the lost souls of these children. We take responsibility of handling and managing how said containers are handled once they leave the facility of origin. All our vehicles carry holy water and place golden crosses on containers we pick up at the aforementioned locations. We also carry the Holy bible to guide us in time of need.

Should we have held Nazi crematorium operators less accountable for incinerating dead Jews if they first performed some religious rite for them? No!

What if Bio Haz put crosses on the suction machines and curettes used to kill babies? Would that make the act of abortion any less grievous?

Cloaking the enabling of child-killing in religion is highly offensive and blasphemous!

Mark Harrington of Created Equal said, "Whether you place a cross on them or not, whether waste trucks carry holy water and Bibles, this doesn’t change the fact that these children who are made in God’s image are being shipped off to be burned like common garbage. Enabling abortion is a moral evil irrespective of the religious symbols used to cover for the killing."

The fact is, Bio-Haz is doing the dirty work for third-trimester abortionist Leroy Carhart and needs to understand if Carhart can’t dispose of the babies he murders, he will be forced to stop killing them.

Please contact Bio-Haz CEO David Henritzy and tell him how offensive it is to obscure his company’s complicity in abortion with religious language and symbols. Politely ask him to cancel his contract with LeRoy Carhart and

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