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Lila Rose

Hi Jerry,

At 22 weeks pregnant, Suzanne Guy received devastating news from her physician. She was told that her preborn daughter must have a chromosomal abnormality, no kidneys, and that half the amniotic fluid around her was gone.

The doctor insisted Suzanne have an abortion, telling her that she could die and that her child would certainly die.

But Suzanne and her husband, Peter, ignored the pressure from the doctors and chose to do whatever they could to save their daughter. Watch their courageous and miraculous story in the video below:

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Jerry, no woman should ever be told by their physician to take their own child’s life. In fact, in 2012, over a thousand physicians signed onto the “Dublin Declaration,” which stated that killing a preborn child “is not medically necessary to save the life of a woman.”

Suzanne’s daughter, Rachel, is alive today because her parents fought to save her life.

By sharing these stories we inspire mothers, some who may be facing the same heartbreaking circumstances as Suzanne did, and give them the strength to choose life for their children.

Jerry, I hope you will take a few moments to watch and share Suzanne’s inspiring story with your friends on Facebook:

We work towards the day when our culture recognizes there is never a reason to take the life of an innocent preborn child.

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For life,

Lila Rose
President & Founder
Live Action

P.S. You can watch the extended version of Suzanne’s courageous story by clicking this link on YouTube:

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