Victory In NY… For Now

Tom Brejcha

Dear Jerome ,

The judge has issued her decision in our New York City sidewalk counselors' case.

The fanatically pro-abortion Attorney General of New York's request for a preliminary injunction against the pro-life sidewalk counselors has been DENIED.

In other words, the judge refused to issue a "gag order" prohibiting the sidewalk counselors from the Church at the Rock in Queens from continuing their life-saving work outside the Choices Abortion Clinic in New York City.

Jerome , this is a huge victory.

In fact, in her 103-page decision, the judge systematically rejected every aspect of the state's case, including the credibility of its witnesses and the merits of its arguments.

But don't mistake that to mean this case is over.

There's still a good chance we'll be back in the courtroom later this year for a full-blown trial.

And considering the preliminary injunction hearing took 3 ½ weeks of testimony to sort out, that trial promises to be a huge undertaking.

Worse, the Attorney General's office has already said that they may appeal this ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. (Yes, they have the right to take such an appeal, even before a final trial!)

And while we would expect to win that appeal, as the judge's ruling is very detailed and solid, defending any appeal would likely double or even triple our costs – which have been skyrocketing already. After all, New York City is a very expensive place in which to fight taxpayer-funded state prosecutors!

But for now, we celebrate our victory with our eyes wide open to the legal battle yet to unfold.

Thank you for your support of the Thomas More Society and our 10 sidewalk counselors from the Church at the Rock in Queens.

May God bless you,
Thomas More Society
Tom Brejcha – President & Chief Counsel

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