Mission Report On London, Belfast And UN Geneva Trips

Denise Mountenay

Mission Report on London, Belfast and UN Geneva Trips
May 16 to 26th 2018

To God be all the Glory! I just returned from a marathon of amazing opportunities teaching on the damage of legal abortion to women, as well as sharing my own personal testimony. It was a great success as we had a pretty full room in London, England, and a packed room in Belfast, Ireland too, where I showed the 20-minute version of HUSH. It was so disappointing to learn that the Irish referendum, choose death. However, it would have been much better to have gone to Ireland a month or more ago to bring this message and show the Hush documentary on the damage of legal abortion to women. Tragically, the media is so biased, however, we can only do our part as messengers of truth.

At the UN Headquarters in Geneva, I had Glenisaah and Abigail join me. We had a great meeting with the First Secretary for Italy, I was asking him if he knew why their fertility rates were extremely low there, .08, and you need 2.15 children per women of fertility just to maintain a culture. He said, that it was the economic situation and women didn’t want to have so many children…then I replied with the fact that abortion probably had a lot to do with their low fertility rates, but he denied it, saying it was such a Catholic country and with so many restrictions on abortion, that couldn’t be the cause. Then I asked Abigail to quickly google the abortion rates for Italy…and to his, and our astonishment, we read that over 84,000 abortions are done a year in ITALY!!! He was shocked!!

Therefore, he is now very aware that these staggering abortion numbers prove there are no restrictions, and they indeed have a huge effect on the fertility rates, even with a great influx of immigrants.

I also had appointments with Delegates from the Philippines and Poland. Our best appointment was with the UN Ambassador to Hungary. She was so impressed to hear about all the science-based evidence I had on the damage of legal abortion to women, and the knowledge I had on the Comprehensive Sexuality Education campaign where the opposition is pushing the sexualization of young children…including the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism along with teaching them to masturbate at the age of 10!! They are showing pornographic imagery and stealing their innocence. What parents would want their children exposed to these ideologies and materials?? The curriculum was created by International Planned Parenthood, IPPF the largest abortion providers in the world I believe. Go to www.stopcse.org to see two short docs on this subject.

I asked her if Hungary would consider co-sponsoring a Side Event for us at the UN Palais in Geneva? She thought it would be good if I would go back June 19th for the Human Rights Council meetings, where they continue to push the universal agenda for abortion as a HUMAN RIGHT!!! And that human life doesn’t begin until birth!! This is so outrageous based on lies and propaganda. IF you would like to support this missionary for life, please partner with me soon. Your financial support is needed to send me to the Nations as an expert on this issue. God has called me to share my testimony and proclaim the humanity of children in utero. Will you please send me for such a time as this. I cannot go, unless I get your support. I will need about $2,100. to cover my expenses for this trip. I would also like Abigail and Glenisaah to accompany if enough funds come in to cover their airfares too. They are both post abortive as well, and tragically, were never able to have children after their abortions. www.togetherforlife.net

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