Sunday Reflection: Truth And Consequences

Fr. Joseph Jablonski, M.S.C.

Fourteenth Sunday 2018

Truth and Consequences

Ezekiel receives his mission fully conscious of the great difficulties he will have preaching to a rebellious nation. Even though he is just a man, God’s spirit enters him and the words he speaks cannot be ignored. Israel will know that a prophet is among them whether they accept him or not.

St. Paul is aware of his hardships, persecutions and constraints for the sake of Christ. He is even aware of his own weaknesses but will continue strong in his witness to Christ until the end of his days.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is ridiculed and rejected by his own neighbors. Nonetheless, he will continue his mission.

Even today, witnessing to the truth of God many times brings the consequences of opposition, threats, arguments and persecutions, yet God’s word must be proclaimed. As people of faith we are called to be the voice of God decrying injustice where it is to be found and working for peace. Ezekiel, Paul and our Lord all gave their lives in faithful service to God’s word. More recently Dr. Martin Luther King, Fr. Stanley Rother, Archbishop Oscar Romero , the Maryknoll Sisters of El Salvador, and many others have given their lives for God and God’s people.

May their witness and the grace of God help each of us to proclaim the truth with our lives no matter the consequences.

Fr. Joseph Jablonski, M.S.C.

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