Celebrating Dads Today

Lila Rose

Hi Jerry,

I hope you are having a wonderful Father’s Day!

As I contemplate my own father's commitment to love and serve our family, I am reminded that Father's Day is an opportunity to celebrate all those men in our lives who strive to exemplify the courage, strength, and loving care of a dad.

Today we honor the men in our lives who show us their fatherly love and commitment, whose selflessness and fearlessness serve as examples of the true value of fatherhood every day.

It's also a good time for all of us to remember something we don't hear enough: the relationship between a dad and his baby is so precious. Our children are blessed to have these men in their lives to look up to.

To show thanks for the fatherly role models in the world who continue to protect the most vulnerable, I hope you’ll take a moment today to show appreciation to the men who have lived true fatherhood in your life.

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Happy Father's Day,

Lila Rose
President & Founder
Live Action

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