Ireland: It Was A Defeat.

Michael Hichborn

There is no other way to really describe what happened in Ireland.

It was a defeat. Epic and total... one that saw the laity abandoned to the wolves, the Catholic bishops mouthing support but never truly engaging in the fight, and Pope Francis (once again) silent in the face of the enemies of the Catholic Church.

For those who are Irish by background, memories of tales of British outrages are part of that inheritance. As of today, those outrages once the purview of the British Empire will be picked up by a new tyrant -- Planned Parenthood... who will kill far more Irish boys and girls than famine, pestilence, and sword ever could.

It is indisputable that socialist billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Institute funneled tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of euros into efforts to destabilize and destroy Ireland's 8th Amendment.

What is more, OSI and Soros specifically targeted Ireland's pro-life constitution for defeat by name, with the intent of working their way through Catholic Christendom (or what remains of it) in an effort to destroy every vestige of pro-life sentiment in the public square.

Once again, Pope Francis said NOTHING before, during, or after the referendum.

One suspects that if the Irish people were holding a referendum on carbon emissions or immigration policy, the Vatican communications office would be on fire, issuing press statement after press statement and insisting that a visit from the Holy Father would be in the offing.

...but for the babies? NOTHING.

Ireland's bishops -- having utterly spent what little moral authority they had left defending homosexual priests preying upon young boys -- did precious little to stem the tide. One would think that Eucharistic processions, daily Rosaries in parishes across Ireland, and a media campaign unparalleled since the Anglo-Irish Treaty would have been the order of the day.

Instead, bishops were left to their own devices. In ones and twos they resisted... but not with unanimity and certainly not with force.

What is is going to take, my friends?

As laity, we believe in what the Magisterium teaches. Many of us -- most all of us -- would gladly give our lives for the honor and glory of the Bride of Christ. As shepherds, bishops are charged to lay down their lives in a special way. As cardinals, they are given the color of scarlet as evidence of their willingness to die for Christ.

St. John Eudes and St. John Vianney both used to say that bad priests are a sign of God's anger.

...may we pray for our own deliverance.

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