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Martha Shuping

Hi. I posted a comment on The Times (UK) online, about abortion when the child has a life-limiting diagnosis. The article was about an Irish couple who "had to" go to England to have an abortion due to the tragic diagnosis and of course they use this to say, abortion is needed in Ireland. My comment tells readers that Rachel's Vineyard is available in Ireland for those grieving this kind of loss, and also, that compassionate perinatal care is available in Ireland. IF you go to my comment and click "recommend" then it may keep my comment visible for longer - it is visible currently - AND if readers click to search for "most recommended" comments, they will receive the comments that have been the most recommended - so, if 30 of my friends like my comment and recommend it, more people will see my comment about Rachel's Vineyard and about perinatal hospice.

The original article is here, and then if you scroll down below you should see the comment with my name on it, at least it is currently visible:

Thanks much.

Martha Shuping

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