Mother’s Day

Frank Pavone

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There are many levels of meaning to Mother’s Day. One I would like to point out, and link to our Silent No More Awareness Campaign, is solidarity. The pro-life movement, and our Campaign in particular, are meant to help mothers who are afraid to be mothers. We strive to help them embrace their motherhood and realize that by doing so, they do not lose their lives, but rather find them.

Mother’s Day creates a sense of solidarity, an awareness that mothers do not need to be alone. Our nation and its many families salute, remember, and honor all of them. No mother has to feel alone. Others have been in her shoes, others have shared her fears, others know what is on the other side of saying “Yes” to a pregnancy and “No” to abortion.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity for mothers to reach out to other mothers – for mothers of living children to witness to their joy and fulfillment, and for mothers who have lost children to witness to their hope.

Our Campaign seeks to give mothers of aborted children a chance to show that solidarity with other mothers, and to be a source of new light and strength to enable them to choose life and, where necessary, to choose healing. May Mother’s Day renew us all!


Fr. Frank Pavone
Pastoral Director, Silent No More Awareness Campaign
National Director, Priests for Life

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